Example of a Brown Rosetted.This is
Dante, Bella x Leo's previous boy.
Example of a Brown Rosetted Tri Color
Open Marble. This is Metastar
Reflection, a previous queen here at
Wildlife Bengals.
Example of a Seal Lynx Open Marble. This kitten would have been born almost pure
white and will continue to darken into adulthood. This photo begins at around 10
days old as they start to open their eyes, into teens, and finally adulthood. What an
amazing transformation. Photo credit to
SouthLynn Bengals who generously provided
these great shots!
Examples of a Seal Mink Spotted. This is our new boy Astarte Danger by Design. His
first photos were taken at
Astarte Bengals and his last photo here at Wildlife Bengals.
Unfortunately, I don't have newborn pictures yet, but I'm sure I can add them later.
They are born this color however and will darken into adulthood.
Examples of a Seal Sepia Open Marble. This kitten is born the darkest of the snows
and that is the way they will stay. You can see how they darken slightly into
adulthood to this rich creamy light brown. Beautiful. Photo credit to
Bengals who generously provided these great shots!
Examples of a Blue Spotted Bengal. This Bengal carries two copies of the Dilute
Gene. Blue is a recessive gene and a cat must carries two copies of the gene to be a
Blue. A cat can be Brown, carry for snow, and yet still be a Blue. What this means is
Dilute is a gene separate from color just like Silver is a inhibitor gene separate from
color. As you can see here it is almost as if an overlay has been placed over this
queen preventing her brown color from completely showing through. Photo credit &
big thanks to
Blue Lagoon Bengals.
Example of a Silver Spotted. Her Dam is Bakerelectric Bonsai who is a Silver Seal
Lynx Point. She is a stunning example of what a Silver can be. No Tarnish (no brown
on her) and a really wonderful light color.
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