All of our cats/kittens are fed Holistic Select at will.

Our cats and kittens main food source is a blend of raw
(Chicken, Turkey, Liver, etc) twice a day. The chickens are
bought whole and fed through a grinder and therefore calcium
from the bones are passed on. It is perfectly safe for them to eat
and they LOVE it! Feeding raw provides naturally occurring
nutrients and moisture that even the best cat food won't give. We
strongly encourage this practice for all our kittens in their new
homes. You will find with feeding raw that they will drink less
water, eat less food, and wil be active extremely healthy

Our Recipe for Raw:
5 Whole uncooked chickens
1 Package of Liver
1 Package of Gizzards
1 Large Plain Yogurt
4 Small Gerber Sqaush Baby Food
1 Package of Beef Tips/Stew Meat
Nuvet Plus