Gogees Leopards Pride x Wildstyle Bella Rain of Wildlife
Born 6/4/2012  $1400.00 Pet Price
Ready to go between home Aug 13th-Aug 27th
Updated 7/5/2012
Kittens are ready to go home at 10-12 weeks of age. Pet Kittens will be
spayed/neutered at 10-12 weeks of age and over 3lbs otherwise will be required to be
spayed/neutered by age 5 months before recieving registration paperwork.
All kittens will be up to date on all shots.
All kittens have the option to microchipped before leaving Wildlife. This ensures if your
cat is ever lost and placed in a shelter, he/she can be returned to his/her home.
A contract is provided.

Deposit for pet kittens is $250. Deposit for breeders is $500.

All kittens are regisitered with T.I.C.A.

Please visit
BengalPedigrees.com to research Bengal Pedigrees.

Domestic shipping is available in the United States. Please contact me if your interested
in international.
  Kittens are Available!

If your looking to buy a bengal kitten, check out our Choosing a Breeder Page.
You m
ight be able to find a cheap bengal, but know that you get what you pay
for. We gaurentee the health of our Bengal Kittens againist HCM for life, and a
general health gaurentee for 3 years. Our Bengals are bred with love and
raised in our home underfoot along with my 1 1/2 year old and small dog. They
will be healthy, socialized, and loving along with striking patterns.
Our little lap leopards are sent home with kitten packs, food, and all the
information you need to introduce your kitten to your home.
Once a kitten is evaluated (usually at 3-4 weeks) a price is given. However, this
is subject to change as the kitten grows & improves. A deposit will set an
evaulation price.
To be placed on our waiting list, Please email Wildlifebengals@hotmail.com
Please check back and refresh your browser for future updates. Thank you!