Sassy is so beautiful. She just sheens and drips in glitter, it's really quite amazing! She has nice
thick outlines around her rosettes and is going to have some stunning kittens with the boys.
Sassy Chirps! She is also our resident sock thief. We are so thankful to Amanda at Fastpaws for
letting this girl go. I know she fought a hard battle on keeping this dark gem!
Sire: Bellarista Boss of Fastpaws
Dam: Absolute Angels CS of Fastpaws!
We can't thank James or say enough about
this girl. She is perfection. She carries APB
Charcoal & Seal Lynx Snow and will make
amazing Browns, Snows, & Charcoals with
Astarte Danger. We are looking forward to
watching her grow. More photos soon!

Sire: Dazzledots Gold Standard
Dam: Destinybengals All that Glitters
Alyx has been amazing and has produced one fiery girl
for us here. Sasha is a true golden bengal from head to
toe and has a great pattern. She carries for Seal Lynx
and will produce not only fantastic browns with Astarte
Danger but some awesome Snows! More photos as she

Sire: Boydsbengals Great Exspotations
Dam: Naples Viva Las Vegas
Theres my Beautiful girl! Everything I waited for out of our retired girl "Bonsai" and our amazing
stud "Danger". Lily is a Seal Lynx Point Bengal with amazing blue eyes and will be the center of
our snow program in the coming years.
Sire: Astarte Danger by Design of Wildlife
Dam: Bakerelectric Bonsai of Wildlife
Our newest girl for late 2017, Kanpur Maple Leaf. She brings wonderful lines from
not only Kanpur but Koppiekatz, Praslin, & Bengalivo to name a few. More photos
when she's out of her fuzzies! Named for her beautiful coloring after the Canadian
Maple Leaf. I'd like to thank Diana for her wonderful girl!

Sire: Koppiekatz Kadillac of Kanpur
Dam: Kanpur Gucci Premiere
Lady is our fabulous girl out of Bonsai and Danger. She
is a Seal Mink Spotted and out produces herself in her
kittens. We look forward to her litters with the new boys!

Sire: Astarte Dangerby Design of WIldlife
Dam:Bakerelectric Bonsai of Wildlife
Our new girl for late 2017, Koppiekatz
Magnolia. We have to thank Viki so
much for this girl. We absolutely adore
her wonderful personality not to
mention her beautiful pattern. She will
bring so much to our program and she
absolutely just drips in glitter.

Sire: Kanpur Argos of Koppiekatz
Dam: Bishopsbengals Sansa Of
Rou comes to us all the way from Russia! She has amazing head
type and a pattern that just flows like it should in all the right
places. She has an amazing pedigree full of World Champions
and Regional winners. We are so thankful to Victoria for sending
us Rou!

Sire: Zeus of Pure Deluxe
Dam: Amazongold Gerda