"Bella" Glittered, pelt like velvet, beautiful
flowing rosettes, and fantastically
contrasted, she is our cool colored brown
girl. She has the sweetest most loving
temperament. I can't thank Marianne at
WIldstyle enough for her and being ever
so patient for that next question.

Sire: Maximum Mayhem of WIldstyle
Dam: Callista Class Act of WIldstyle
Wildstyle Bella Rain of WIldlife
Fastpaws Sapphire of Wildlife
"Sassy" is our new upcoming queen, months
old (April 2012). She is a brown spotted girl
with a great profile and small ears. She has
wonderul pattern to her. She drips in glitter!
We are so thankful to Amanda at Fastpaws
for letting this girl go.

Sire: Bellarista Boss of Fastpaws
Dam: Absolute Angels CS of Fastpaws
Metastar Reflection of Wildlife
nice small ear set, large noctural eyes,
puffy whisker pads and a good profile.
She is super sweet and very loving
and loves to talk to you! Flexi is from a
healthy and well titled line including
(but certainly not limited to) half litter
mates QGC Metastar Jazpur & RW
SGC Metastar Merlin. She is also a
gilltery girl and oh so soft! Thank you
Helen! I'm so in love with this girl.

Dam: CH Metastar Olamic
Sire: DGC Metastar Acoushla